Minecraft Update Introduces New Map That Brings Sustainability Report to Life

Minecraft's newest update introduces a new map, which brings its annual Sustainability Report to life with an innovative city design.

Let's dive into the new map and what players can learn from exploring it in Minecraft.

Minecraft Update Introduces New Map

The latest Minecraft update is no Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs, but it's still an important inclusion in its own way.

Minecraft Sustainability Report Map Download City
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NEXT LEVEL: Minecraft has been used as a design platform for sustainable builds for years, and Mojang have joined in

Instead of wowing players with new gameplay features, this new Minecraft update introduces Mojang's Sustainability Report in the form of a city map.

This unique idea lets players explore Mojang's sustainability concerns and progress directly by playing it in Minecraft.

This interactive map shows progress Mojang is making in its first annual Sustainability Report in a format that all players can enjoy and learn from!

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Minecraft 1.17

While the new Minecraft Sustainability Report is an innovative addition to the game, the update players are still keeping their eyes on is Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update Beta Download
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WHAT'S COMING?: Minecraft 1.17 changes up everything

This update was previewed at Minecraft Live in 2020, and has been given the vague release timeline of mid-2021.

The update is very ambitious, reworking the cave generation system, introducing tons of new resources, mobs, biomes, and more!

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For as extensive as Minecraft 1.17 will be, many of the features can be experienced in the Minecraft beta or snapshots. And even more are expected to be playable before the Caves and Cliffs update finally arrives!

For now, players can see mountain goats, powder snow, skulk sensors, dripstone blocks, and axolotls in action via the Minecraft 1.17 beta or snapshots.

You can read up on how to have these Minecraft 1.17 gameplay features in your version of the game here!

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