Minecraft Update 1.16.4: Patch Notes - Java Edition, Multiplayer, Bug Fixes & more

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Minecraft Java Update 1.16.4 has arrived, and with it comes some new changes to the game.

Table of Contents

Let's dive into the Update 1.16.4 patch notes.


Minecraft Update 1.16.4

The newest Minecraft patch, Update 1.16.4, is now live!

minecraft copper caves cliffs update 1.16.4 Patch notes
THE FUTURE: Players anxiously await Caves & Cliffs, but more is coming in the meantime

These are the changes you can experience in Minecraft Java Edition today.

Patch Notes

Minecraft Update 1.16.4 is largely a technical patch, fixing many problems around the game.

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Let's dive right into the patch changes directly.

  • A new UI is being introduced - the Social Interactions Screen.
  • The new Social Interactions multiplayer screen shows a list of all players on a server so you can hide chat from any one player. You can access this screen by pressing P (default key), and players will have to re-hide messages from players after logging out of a server.
  • Fixed the model of worn Netherite Leggings.
  • Account restrictions around bans are now working in-game.
  • When server and client versions aren't compatible, the correct "Incompatible version!" error message will now display in place of "Client out of date" and "Server out of date".
  • The error message for disabled multiplayer now correctly reads "Microsoft account settings" instead of "Launcher settings".
  • Splashes relating to Black Lives Matter are now in splashes.txt.
  • Fixed a bug where a divide by zero error would cause server crashing and infinite velocity relating to the Ender Dragon.
  • Fixed an issue where cursors were blinking in specific menus (anvil, social, recipes).

Minecraft 1.17 Beta

For players that are eager to try out future changes coming to the game, the Minecraft 1.17 Beta, or Caves & Cliffs beta, is now live!

minecraft mountain Update 1.16.4
TREACHEROUS: The heights might be beautiful, but in Caves & Cliffs, they're deadly

Players can opt into the beta and test out two new gameplay features coming to Minecraft with Caves & Cliffs.


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These features include the addition of Goats, and Powder Snow.

Goats will prove a dangerous but useful animal in Minecraft, pushing any mob that gets too close. While this will result in many painful deaths, it can also keep hostile mobs like Creepers at bay if strategically used.

Minecraft 1 17 beta goats update 1.16.4 patch notes
RUN: Goats aren't as nice and friendly as they look in Minecraft

Powder Snow adds a whole new layer of immersion to snow biomes in Minecraft, slowing down travel and making things rightfully more difficult.