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Minecraft Target Blocks: How to Make, Craft, Materials, Netherite Tools, Hoglins & More

In the latest Minecraft update, the target block is a new type of block that can now be made.

This block lets you test your aiming skills, and you can use projectiles ranging from eggs to arrows!

Here, we explain how to craft a target block, as well as a few other cool features of the Nether Update.

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How to Make a Target Block

In Minecraft, the materials you'll need to craft a target block are:

target block minecraft 1
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MINIMAL MATERIALS: The two materials that they are made from are not very rare.


Four portions of Redstone Dust and one Hay Bale.

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When shot with a bow, trident, crossbow, or any other projectiles, it will give off a temporary redstone charge.

The strength of the charge is dependent on how close the projectile is to the centre of the block, ranging from 1 all the way to 15, so you'll need to be accurate for a higher score!

How to craft Netherite Tools

If you find yourself with some netherite ingots, you may want to know how to turn these ingots into useable tools.

netherite armour minecraft
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THE SIMPLE BIT: Now you can sit back and watch your armour upgrade before your very eyes!


Well first of all, you need to ensure you have the tool you desire, but in Diamond form.

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To upgrade your diamond tool to Netherite, simply put the Diamond tool and one Netherite ingot into a crafting grid.

This will turn your Diamond tool into a Netherite one, and with it comes faster diggingmuch higher durability and an extra damage point!

It’s important to note that any enchantments will not carry over to the Netherite tool, but other than that, you’re good to go!#

Tame and Breed Hoglins

Hoglins are the only hostile mob in Nether that can be bred.

hoglins breed
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PUPPY LOVE: It’s much easier than you’d think to breed Hoglins


Crimson fungi are found in the crimson forest and are pretty much your number one tool for getting on their good side.

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Once you have a supply and find a pack of hoglins, you’ll need to build a shelter to hold and breed your hoglins.

Just make sure you always have some warped fungi handy to keep the hoglins away from the entrance.

Next, all you need to do is feed two adult hoglins that haven’t bred recently a crimson fungus, and a new baby hoglin will spawn nearby!

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