Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21W38A Patch Notes and Information

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Table of Contents

Minecraft released caves and cliffs part one just a few months ago and now, we're preparing for where the game goes next. Caves and cliffs part two is set to make some huge changes to the game and snapshots are a great way of knowing what we will see next. Here are the patch notes for Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21W38A.

What's a Snapshot?

Snapshots are a way for the team behind Minecraft to release ideas and new updates to the public to test it out and get community feedback. Generally, it's a good way of cementing ideas the team like but need more testing.

If snapshots are coming out, it means the development of the next update is healthy, especially a month or two in advance of when we're expecting the next update. Even if you don't play the snapshots, this is a great sign.


Minecraft Snapshot 21W38A

This snapshot is mostly focused on bug fixes and tweaks with some technical changes. Alongside this, strongholds have found their way back into the game.

The stronghold was temporarily removed to make way for new ideas and stop the game from falling apart as you play. As it's all very experimental, the game is in a bit of a fragile state. If you do decide to give it a go, make sure to start up a new world or it can do irreparable damage to a world you care about.

Full Patch Notes

There are tonnes of patch notes this time around. You can find the most important stuff below or the full list via this link.

Here's a list of bug fixes:

  • MC-44055 - Game fails to switch the audio output from one device to another after the game has started (from title screen)
  • MC-236611 - No sound for using shears on weeping, twisting, cave vines or kelp
  • MC-236618 - Strongholds don’t generate in 21w37a
  • MC-236621 - Liquids sometimes do not propagate
  • MC-236633 - Random light level of 0 in sky
  • MC-236656 - Crash when changing render distance / java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 28084 out of bounds for length 26136
  • MC-236665 - Memory leak in 21w37a
  • MC-236698 - Big Spruce Trees don’t generate in Groves
  • MC-236711 - Starting and stopping JFR profiling multiple times within the same minute overwrites previous JFR results saved during that minute
  • MC-236718 - Dripstone caves generate above the ground
  • MC-236795 - Cannot start with alternate JVM due to JFR requirement
  • MC-236873 - Problems with JFR event metadata
  • MC-236967 - Too many aquifers on biome surfaces at Y=63 and below
  • MC-237109 - Aquifers often generate with harsh straight borders