Minecraft: Skins Maker - Edit, Download, Upload, Pocket Edition, Crossplay

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The Minecraft community was unified by the release of the ‘Bedrock Edition’ in December 2019, which granted access to millions of mobile users with Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The wide-open sandbox world now enables a whole generation of gamers to create worlds, but it also offers insane levels of customisation.

To find out how to find or create a new Minecraft skin on the web, continue reading below.

Skins Makers

There are a whole load of skins makers out there to choose from, and all of them will allow you to download skins straight to your computer or another device.

minecraft skin editor
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START FROM SCRATCH: Customisation has never looked so clunky!

It really doesn't matter which one you pick - they all offer the same level of customization.

Download Skins from Editor

To get your skin from the site to your device, select the 'Download to computer' button, which will be located on the right-hand side of any Minecraft Skins editing app.

minecraft skins makers
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PAGES ON PAGES: The sheer number of skins you can download and edit is overwhelming

Here you will be prompted to save the file onto your computer.

Upload to Minecraft

Uploading your skin to Minecraft can be done in three simple steps.

  1. Launch Minecraft and select 'Skins' from the main menu.
  2. Select 'Browse skin'.
  3. Navigate to the 'Downloads' folder and select the .png file to use the new skin.

Upload to Pocket Edition

After entering your skin editing page of choice, select 'Download'.

minecraft pe ferrari
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VROOM VROOM: Cruise around in Pocket Edition with an oddly-realistic ‘Ferrari 458 Italia’ mod


A page will then open on your mobile browser - hold down your finger on the image and select 'Save Image'.

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The skin will now be saved onto your mobile device.

Go back to Minecraft Pocket Edition, and on the main menu, tap the 'hanger' icon followed by the 'Choose New Skin' option.

Your photo album should now be opened, and all you need to do is select the skin you have saved.

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