Minecraft Realms: 5 New Maps & Games now available

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For those looking to Minecraft with mates, Realms is a fantastic option.

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It allows you to create and manage a private Minecraft server, and some new map options have just become available, all with their own fun!

Rodrun 2.0

The first version of RodRun was released in 2017, and after three long years, it’s finally back with cool new features, such as new maps, powerups, custom kill effects and hidden easter eggs in the lobby.


Here, you run, you use your rod to throw a fishing hook in your friends' faces

Repeat until your friends are forced to acknowledge your superior rod-running prowess!

Bee Riders

This is a slightly bizarre one, get ready to race... on bees!


Inspired by fellow map Buzzy Bees, Bee Riders does provide something different, just make sure you don't get stung.

Rainbow Escape

We’ve had a series of “unfair” maps published in the Minecraft library, which tasks the player with puzzles that require the player to think outside of the box.


Well, Rainbow Escape has an extra addition – a voice-acted story that you can only uncover by completing a series of nail-bitingly hard trials.


Who is Rainbowus? Why does he keep underpaying his staff?

Find out at least one of these questions by testing your mettle with Rainbow Escape! 

Escape The House

Escape the House starts in the outskirts of a luxurious mansion, complete with spacious rooms, a working elevator, and several floors that are all lavishly decorated.

minecraft realms escape the house min
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FIGHT OR FRIGHT! - Can you keep calm and Escape The House

Once you enter, you must complete a series of puzzles that will test your Minecraft expertise.

Don't Be Last

Lastly, we have one of the greatest blunders in sequencing history on my part – Don’t be Last.

minecraft realms dont be last
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KEEP UP - The name of the game is simple to follow!


Everyone starts by the beacon and is tasked with creating the same Minecraft item.

You then have to gather resources in a survival spawn using your Minecraft knowledge to get ahead!

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