Minecraft Ray Tracing Is Finally Out On PC

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Minecraft is a game that has become a staple in video games since its launch a decade ago.

Millions of players create their own worlds out of blocks every single.

Now those world can look a whole lot better with this latest update.



In Mojang's latest update of their smash hit game Minecraft, ray tracing has finally been added.

It was originally announced quite a while ago and fans have been waiting for the day it would finally arrive.

Announced in a blog post, Mojang revealed how ray tracing would be used in Minecraft.

"Players will now be able to experience Minecraft in a new light with brightened blocks, emissive pixels, water reflections, accurately cast shadows, and rich global illumination."

To be able to take advantage of the new ray tracing feature players will need to have at least an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU.


10 series or older GPUs unfortunately can't take advantage of ray tracing, so some gamers may have to upgrade before they can use it.

Alongside the update Mojang have released two new RTX focused for worlds to explore.

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The first one is the Colosseum and is available now for players to check out.

"Colosseum RTX is a world that takes you to the historical Colosseum in its glory days during the Roman Empire. Here you can explore beautiful views, collect historical trivia, or look for all the hidden locations spread across the area. And if you don’t want to marvel at the scale and engineering genius, there’s always the arena, where you can fight in with up to three friends!"

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The second will be Dungeon Dash, but that will be released at a further date, but no date has been given as of yet.

"Dungeon Dash is laden with action! Fight your way through a series of increasingly challenging dungeons nestled in a beautiful ray-traced medieval countryside. Conquer up to ten dungeons in unique biomes, featuring locations such as a village built up in the trees, floating islands in the sky, and a mysterious mine."

With the PlaYStation 5 and Xbox Series X having ray tracing capabilities, it will be interesting to see if the next gen consoles get ray tracing added to the game in the future.

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