Minecraft's New Free Map Teaches a Few Lessons on Sustainability

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Mojang Studios and Microsoft are using Minecraft to teach a few things on how to take care our planet.

Sustainability City Map

There is a new map called Sustainability City, which is now available to download for free to all Minecraft players.

The map is based on the recently released Annual Sustainability Report from Microsoft and it tries to imagine how a few of its ideas could come to life in the real world.

You can download this map on the Minecraft Marketplace as a part of the Educator Collection.

New lessons on Minecraft Education

The normal version of Minecraft isn't the only one with some new educational content.

Minecraft Education Edition is also getting six new lessons centre around sustainability, just like the aforementioned map.

According to an Xbox Wire article, here is a summary of all the new lessons:

  • Sustainable Food Production. Explore sustainable practices for every step of food production by visiting a farm, grocery store, waste facility, and recycling plant.
  • Outflow Order. Learn about water outflow and treatment to understand how biosolids contribute to fertilizer and how treated water returns to their homes.
  • Wasted to Wanted. Check out a landfill, and learn which materials are recyclable and what happens to materials that aren’t reused.
  • Dependable Forests. Better understand the social, economic, and environmental impacts of responsible forestry.
  • Sustainable Home. Visit a home built with sustainable materials to learn how to live more energy-efficiently.
  • Alternative Energy. Make a trip to a hydropower plant to learn about power lines and wind power through turbines.

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

Education Edition is a special version of the traditional Java game designed as a teaching tool.

Develop by Mojang AB, the game was launched back in 2016 and it is described as an open and versatile tool where educators can teach pretty much every subject, from math to physics and more.


According to Microsoft, the game is already being used by more than 35 million students and educators accross 115 countries.