Minecraft Nether Achievements: Full List, Piglins, Netherite Armour, Target Blocks, Nether Biomes & More

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Four achievements were recently added to Minecraft in the Nether Update, and they provide a nice mixture of difficulty.

While four is quit an insignificant amount, it will still take hours of grinding for players to complete all four of these achievements.

Continue below for the full list of new achievements, as well as details on how to get them all!

Achievements List

Before we get into how to get all of the achievements, we will quickly list them out in order of difficulty.

Their difficulty is reflected by the achievement's reward.


Simply hit the bullseye of a target block for 15 pieces of gold and a reward.

target block minecraft 1
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TARGET PRACTICE: You'll need a bow and arrow for this one!

All you have to do is use a bow or crossbow to strike the centre of a target block.

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For all the steps involved in crafting your very own target block, head over to the full article.

Oooh, Shiny!

Distract a Piglin using a gold item for 30 pieces of gold.

piglins mc
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COME PREPARED: If you stumble across a Piglin unequipped you’ll be in for a nasty surprise!

Piglins are normally quite aggressive towards players, but can be calmed down if you're wearing gold armour anywhere on your body.

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You can even trade with Piglins by chucking gold ingots their way in exchange for items, but that's a story for another time!

Hot Tourist Destination

This one is for the explorers - visit all nether biomes for 30 pieces of gold.

crimson forest minecraft
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EERIE: New creatures and mobs lurk in the Crimson Forest!

Perhaps the simplest but most time consuming of the lot, you'll need to find and explore all four of the new biomes to get this achievement.

Cover me in Debris


Once you've forged a complete set of Netherite Armour, you'll complete this achievement and gain 50 pieces of gold in the process.

minecraft ancient debris
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VERY RARE: You'll need to search all over Nether for this new material

This one is the hardest to complete since it is incredibly time-consuming to finish.

You'll need to have a full suit of Netherite Armour for this, which is absurdly time consuming to create.

You will need lots of gold and a full suit of diamond armour to upgrade into netherite armour, but we discuss this in our Netherite Armour Guide.

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