Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 - Will The Glare join the ranks?

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Minecraft has always been good at listening to its community. Nothing expresses this better than the Minecraft Live event. With Caves and Cliffs part one behind them and the next part some point in the future, there's plenty of small events on the way in the meantime.

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At Minecraft Live, the team reveals a little bit of what you will see from the future of the game whilst giving fans a chance to vote on what's next. Here's what we know so far about the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021.

When is the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021?

The vote will take place on October 16th, this coming Saturday. You can watch the event live over on the Minecraft Twitch account.


You should expect to see it at 12 pm ET / 5 pm BST.

What is Minecraft Live?


Minecraft Live is a huge Minecraft-oriented virtual event. It has news, events and giveaways throughout the show, including the ability to vote on the next mob.

Generally, it gets flooded with popular streamers so, if you watch someone play Minecraft, you will likely see them there. The downside is that the mob will get largely pushed by those huge accounts. If you see a pretty random choice, this is why.

What are the mobs?

So far, we only know about one of the potential mobs. The glare is an oddly helpful mob that keeps track of light and alerts you when the area is dark enough for other mobs to spawn.

He gets grumpy in dingy places and looks like a very friendly creature. If you want a creature as grumpy as the goat and as cute as the axolotl, this should be your choice. We will update you right here as we discover what the next mob is. Make sure to vote for him if you like him.