Everything you need to know about Minecraft Live

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Minecraft has been pretty great at interacting with their community over the last decade. Taking ideas, letting players test builds - it has become somewhat of a collaborative effort. Minecraft Live is just one step in that process and it's happening very soon. This is what you should know about it.

What is Minecraft Live?

Minecraft live is a regular livestream event where Mojang show what they've been working on, what might come in the future and they give a live poll to vote on what should join the game next. This is how we got the infamous Glow Squid.

It usually gets hijacked by big YouTubers to influence the poll in their direction so we could get anything from the next live show.


Date & Time

Minecraft Live takes place on October 16th, just over a month from now. We don't know the exact time it will go live just yet but expect that announcement sometime over the coming weeks.

We will update you right here as information changes.

Where can you watch it?

There are a few key ways of watching the stream. The first is via their YouTube channel. With over 7m subscribers, this will be an incredibly hectic show with possibly hundreds of thousands of viewers.

If you don't want to watch it there, you can catch it on their even bigger Facebook page. This has more than 11m followers total, a monumental size.

Finally, you can catch it on their Twitch channel. This has just over 200k followers so should be a much less crowded show. With custom emojis and a less hectic chat, here is where you should go if you want to see your own comments and you want to become part of the event itself.