Minecraft: How to tame a cat - Guide, Tips & Tricks, Nether Update, and more

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Looking to add a feline companion to your gaming experience? Look no further, here's our guide on how to tame a cat in Minecraft.

How to tame a cat in Minecraft

Whether you've been out all day mining for ancient debris to create a netherite sword, or have been in some run-ins with those notorious piglins, coming back to a cat is the ultimate 'welcome home' moment.

But taming these cautious animals is easier said than done. Let's take a look at how you do it!

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Tame a cat with some Fish!

Cats enjoying fish is almost a universal truth, and that stretches into the Minecraft universe as well.

You'll need to catch some salmon and cod, so head to a river to find both fish.

Of course, make sure you have a fishing rod first - no need to go all Cast Away here.

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WHAT A CATCH: Cod or Salmon are perfect choices for cat taming!

Find a stray cat

Cats are actually quite easy to find, and you'll be able to come across them, mostly in villages.

There are even some black cats that hang around witch huts, if you dare to venture out.

Once you've spotted the cat you'd like to take in, it's time to commence the taming!

Feed the fish to the cat

Place some raw salmon or cod on the floor, and the cat should go and eat it. However, cats are notoriously hard to please, so you'll have to place multiple offerings to tame the feline.

You'll know when it is being tamed when red hearts start appearing around the cat.

Once they disappear, you have successfully tamed the cat, and it will now act as a pet!

Tabby Cat 1
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FELINE FRIEND: There are a number of different types of cat in the game

Breeding Cats in Minecraft

You can tame multiple cats, and of course you can breed some cats of your own! Simply bring two cats together by presenting them both with some raw fish.

You'll see hearts appear above them, and then as you continue the process they'll go over to each other.


Moments later you'll have your very own Minecraft kitten!

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So there is our guide to taming a cat, be sure to check out our other guides for how to tame Striders, or even where to find that elusive ancient debris!

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