Minecraft: How to make Smooth Stone - Guide, Tips & Tricks, and more

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With many Minecraft players currently hunting down Ancient Debris in the latest Nether Update, we turn our attention to a more humble material.

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If you want to know how to make smooth stone, this Minecraft guide has what you need!

How to make smooth stone in Minecraft


So first off, there's a few items you'll need in your pursuit for smooth stone in Minecraft.

You will need a furnace, some coal, and of course, stone! Let's get to it.

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Find some cobblestone

The most common stone in the game is cobblestone, so grab your pick-axe and start mining away!

You'll find cobblestone pretty much everywhere, so we'll leave that part up to you!

You'll need this stone to build your furnace, but make sure to mine more than you need - you'll see why later on...

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COBBLE SOME OF THIS TOGETHER: It's abundant in the game, so you won't have to look far


Grab some coal

Coal is also pretty common, and can be identified by its black marks. You won't need a special pick-axe for the job (unlike ancient debris which requires a diamond pick-axe to mine!)

Once you've got some, you'll be ready to build your furnace, which takes 8 cobblestones arranged around the outside of the crafting square.

Just make sure to leave the middle of it open.

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Using the furnace

Once you've made your awesome furnace, you'll then be able to turn some of your cobblestone to stone. Simple put it in, using the coal for fuel, and furnace away!

The cobblestone will then be converted into stone, which can be used to further refine into...


Smooth Stone!

In a surprisingly simple twist of fate, you can simply repeat the process again with the stone to create smooth stone.

The question is now - what can you use smooth stone for?

Well, you'll be able to craft more powerful furnaces for one, including the blast furnace, which dramatically cuts down smelting times.

Smooth stone
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SMOOTH OPERATOR: Use this material to build to your heart's content


You'll also be able to craft smooth stone slabs - one of the essential building blocks in the game.

Now that you've harnessed the power of smooth stone, why not check out some of our other guides, from taming cats all the way to navigating Piglin Brutes.

For everything Minecraft, be sure to check back in with us.