Minecraft: How to make an Iron Golem - recipe, what is an Iron Golem, raids, villages, & more

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Getting into Minecraft can feel like a huge task.

We're now a decade into the game and while some things haven't changed, there are plenty of new features. If you took some time away from the game or are just starting up, we've got your back.


What is an Iron Golem?

These friendly mobs are powerful companions to have roaming around your base or a nearby village.

They can also follow you if you attach a lead and act as a personal bodyguard. Though they are no use against Creepers or Endermen.

iron golem

HEY BIG GUY: An Iron Golem is a good friend to have during a raid

Iron Golem can be found in large villages and will always side with and protect Villagers. Even if you created it, attacking a Villager near an Iron Golem will make it turn on you.

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With a powerful attack that also launches opponents into the air, Iron Golems are formidable mobs in Minecraft.


How to make an Iron Golem?

So what do you need to make an Iron Golem?

As the name would suggest, you'll need plenty of iron! Four blocks to be exact, which is a total of 36 iron ingots.

Along with that you'll need a carved pumpkin.

iron golem recipe

THE SECRET FORMULA: The carved pumpkin should be added last

Place the blocks of iron in a 'T' with one block as the base and then three across the top of it.

Finally, add the carved pumpkin in the middle of the T. You'll have an Iron Golem of your very own!

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