Minecraft: How to Get & Craft Candles

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Minecraft is a game that is constantly evolving. Seeing the game receive two major updates in 2021, there's quite a lot you have to learn. With a new one next year, it may be worth brushing up on the mechanics as soon as you can. Here's how candles work in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part two.

Latest - Minecraft 1.18 out soon

After months of teases and small updates, Caves and Cliffs part two is finally almost here.


You can play the latest update for yourself on November 30th.

This will change up so much of the world so you may have to get used to a whole new cave style.

When are Candles Coming to Minecraft?

Many players already have their hands on the candles and have been able to play with them since the release of the first caves and cliffs update. Unfortunately, some weren't able to grab them.


Luckily, no matter how you play, you will be able to find candles on November 30th with the arrival of the second part.

If you can't find them right now, give it just under two weeks to get them for yourself.

How to craft candles in Minecraft

It's very easy to craft candles when you have the right ingredients. You simply need a string and a piece of honeycomb.


The quickest way to get string is by destroying webs or killing spiders. Honeycomb can be harvested from bee nests and hives with a pair of shears. Just put them together and you will make a candle.

You can then combine the candle with dye to change its colour. They can be quite versatile and a good source of light.

How to light them

Any way you can get fire near your candles will light them, The most accurate way of doing so is by using flint and steel but any flaming projectile will also light them.


You can also place up to four together in one block for a clearer and brighter light source. They work in a similar way to sea pickles and can be placed around your home.