Minecraft Dungeons Update Download 1.06: Patch Notes, Spooky Fall Event & more

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As the top down companion to the fan-favourite Minecraft, Mojang Studios ahs devoted a lot of time to Minecraft Dungeons.

They recently announced the 1.06 Update, as well as releasing the patch notes for us to look at.

Table of Contents

With the update containing a number of changes, let’s jump in and take a look now!

Spooky Fall Events

Starting October 26 til November 3, limited seasonal trials will add new challenges and rewards to the game.

minecraft dungeons
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MOB TIME: Make sure to suit up for this terrifying new update!

If you survive these terrifying trials, you will be rewarded with exclusive gear and weapons.

Make sure to take part before the event is over in just over a week’s time!


Apocalypse Plus

Apocalypse Plus adds a new difficulty mode to the game you know and love.

The new mode also features twenty levels which become increasingly difficult, so suit up and grab your diamond swords!

Balance Changes

Better rewards for all Trials, and some Daily Trials are now easier.

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Pillager base damage reduced from 72 to 65.


Deflecting has had a rebalance. The new values are 25/35/45% as opposed to 20/40/60%.

Mob enchantments have been made scarier!

Blacksmith changes

Before retrieving an item after an upgrade, you can now see the possible power range.

Minecraft Dungeons how to get the iron golem
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NEW DIFFICULTY: Apocalypse Plus will test even the hardiest Dungeons explorer

Once an item gets to a certain power level, you must play missions that are more difficult in order to keep upgrading it.

If you can upgrade an item at the blacksmith, the item always gets at least +1 power level.



Fixed the Creepy Crypt Daily Trial not unlocking despite completing the requirements.

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Fixed the Daily Trials Completed counter not resetting to zero at midnight.

Fixed Daily Trials on Underhalls being inaccessible for players who had unlocked but not completed the mission before Daily Trials were implemented.