Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast Secrets: Locations, Chests, Guide, Tips, Tricks and more

The first level is not without its mysteries! Here’s our guide to discovering them all.

by Ramzi Musa
Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast Secrets 5

The first level holds some interesting surprises! Here’s how to find the secrets in Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast.

Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast Secrets

Squid Coast is where your journey begins in the quest to defeat the Evil Arch-Illager, and is seen by many as a tutorial-level.

However, if you’ve been keeping up to date with our guides, you’ll know that there are a ton of secrets to discover on every level!

Whether you’re on the hunt in Desert Temple, Soggy Swamps, or even Obsidian Pinnacle – we’re here to help!

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There is a fantastic reward for collecting all nine runes. While we won’t spoil it here, we will tell you that you’ll need to complete the game’s main campaign on any difficulty first in order to find the runes.

There’s been a boom of fan-made guides since Minecraft Dungeons released., and the following screens are from Gamerpillar keep reading for our breakdown of the guide.

Secret 1

Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast Secrets
CHEST AHOY: Take a look around the coast and be rewarded! Credit – Gamerpillar

Let’s get started, go to the point marked in the map and take the first right.

You’ll follow the path down and come across an area where the bridge is out.

Don’t fear, just roll! You’ll end up on the other side and your bravery will be rewarded with a chest!

Secret 2

Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast Secrets 1
NOT SO SECRET NOW! Keep heading north to discover the next secret. Credit- Gamerpillar

Head to the spot marked on the map. You’ll find a house there.

Walk up the door and then move to the right to make an invisible chest pop out!

Minecraft Dungeons
DIDN’T SEE YOU THERE! The chest is made visible on closer inspection! Credit – Gamerpillar

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Secret 3

Minecraft Dungeons
KNOCK KNOCK: You’ll find another chest right here! Credit – Gamerpillar

Keeping heading north through the map and you’ll very shortly descend some stairs.

Once you have, take a look towards the top right of the screen and you’ll see a house.

You’ll find an invisible chest when you approach it!

Secret 4

Minecraft Dungeons
A LEAP OF FAITH: A chest is your reward! Credit – Gamerpillar

The final secret on the level is a chest located on a small elevated island.

As usual, you’ll have to jump it! When you do you’ll find a chest under the tree!

For everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons, from how to beat bosses, uncovering all the secrets all the way to getting the best weapons – be sure sure to check back in with us!

Ramzi Musa