Minecraft Dungeons: Sign up for Beta on PC - Hero Edition, Release Date, Pre-order & More

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Minecraft Dungeons is a new adventure game that will rebuild your perception of Minecraft.

The franchise first hit PCs in 2011, and it has come an awful long way since then, but the open sandbox world is widely considered as the most successful video game of all time.


Minecraft Dungeons places you into a different kind of game - but fear not - it exists the same Minecraft universe we have grown to love.

Continue below to find out how to get beta access to the game, as well as the editions available for release.


The ongoing Minecraft Dungeons beta provides a glimpse at the title.

It features a small slice of the gameplay fundamentals, early story levels, progression and loot systems, as well as a portion of the world to explore.

How Do I Access?

The initial wave of Minecraft Dungeons invites went out recently on 25 March 2020, marking the start of the official beta period.

minecraft dungeons gameplay

ARMOUR UP: And kick off the adventure with your friends!

The beta has only been promised for a short window of time, so expect closure at some point in April.

The full Minecraft Dungeons release date is set for 26 May 2020, following a recent delay.

Every player who gains access to the Minecraft Dungeons beta also receives three codes, so if you haven't got one by now, you ought to get looking!


Minecraft Dungeons is still on track for its 26 May release date, so you should really consider locking in your pre-orders before then.

minecraft pre order

SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: Dungeons really could be yours!

Dungeons will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch - so gamers from all walks of life are sorted.

The game will cost £14.99 ($19.99) across all consoles and on, and you can already pre-order for PC at most game retailers!

Hero Edition

Xbox and PC gamers will also have access to a special version of Dungeons… and that's the Hero Edition.

minecraft dungeons pre order

SURROUNDED: The action in Dungeons will be like nothing you've seen before


For just £24.99 ($29.99), Xbox and PC gamers will be able to get a few extras:

  • Hero Cape
  • Two player skins
  • Chicken pet
  • Two DLC packs (coming soon)