Minecraft Dungeons: Season Pass, Howling Peaks DLC & more!

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Minecraft Dungeons remains one of the most popular additions to the Mojang universe.

Now, it seems the game could see a host of new content with the addition of a Season Pass.


Coupled with the latest Howling peaks DLC, it's a good time to a Minecraft Dungeons player!

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Let's take a closer look at both of them now.

Dungeons Season Pass

The Season Pass, excitingly, gives owners the ability to download all future DLC packs.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens panda plateau 7 1
CONTENT: Lots of content has already been added to the game

This, for now, includes the Howling Peaks DLC, but will go on to include a further 3 DLCs after that.

This new content will include things like new levels, unique items, new story elements and more!


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The Season Pass will also provide all four DLC packs for a discounted price, so if you're going to be buying them all anyway, then go for the Season Pass!

The latest Season Pass will be available to buy on December 8.

Howling Peaks DLC

Howling Peaks will be the first DLC included in the Season Pass.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens Boss Guide Jungle Abomination 3 1
NEW MOBS: The mobs in the game keep growing in number!

This will be available for download on December 9, the day after the Season Pass drops.


This will include exciting new enemies such as the Squall Golem and the Mountaineer.

This also means that we will get to fight the Tempest Golem, Howling Peaks' main antagonist.

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The DLC will also hopefully include a number of other new features.

These will likely include new armous, weapons and artifacts.

Free Content

There will also be free content available for those who don't want to buy the DLC.

Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast Secrets 2
FREE STUFF: The game's updates always include some free content!

This time that includes the addition of six free enchantments for players.

Each of these have the potential to completely change the way you play, so keep your eyes peeled!

These will be available for you on December 9 as well.