Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Rune: Location, Guide, and more!

With so much to discover, here’s our guide to finding this special item on this challenging stage in the game!

by Ramzi Musa
Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Rune 1

The Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Rune is just one of the nine runes you’ll have to collect to unlock the ultimate secret.

We’re not going to spoil the surprise, but we will guide you to the location!

Follow us, adventurer!

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Rune

First off, you’ll need to complete the main campaign to be able to get the runes.

Whether you decide to do this on the hardest setting or the easiest is up to you!

If you do go for the higher difficulty challenge, we recommend you read some of our boss guides!

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There’s a ton of fan-made guides out there, and the following screens are from Youtuber Sipder. Keep reading for our breakdown of the guide.

Redstone Mines Rune Location

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Rune
HERE IT IS! Head to this area for the rune! Credit – Sipder

First off, head to the area marked below.

This will be the same area you had to free the villagers for a 2nd time.

Take look at some of the glowing rocks and you’ll find a hidden button, however, this one is hard to see!

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Rune
HIDDEN GEM! Careful not to get burnt! Credit – Sipder

As usual, once you click the button, a door will open in the wall. Once you’ve entered the door, you’ll be transported to a new, purple area!

Follow the path and you’ll find one of the typical rune structures. If you’ve been reading our guides, by now you’ll know the drill!

Click the button in front of it and the structure will reveal the rune!

Take it and continue on with your adventure!

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Ramzi Musa