Minecraft Dungeons: DLC Reportedly Leaked, Reddit, Creeping Winter, Jungle Awakens, Release Date and more

A recent leak on Reddit reportedly appears to show the Dungeon crawler’s future content releases.

by Ramzi Musa
Minecraft Dungeons DLC 1

The dungeon crawler from the Minecraft Universe is set to release next Tuesday 26 May 2020, but reportedly people may have got an early glimpse of Minecraft Dungeons DLC already.

As with all leaks, be sure to take them with a pinch of salt until any official announcement comes along – and there is no such announcement as of yet.

Let’s take a look at what, if genuine, could potentially be a very exciting addition to the game.


Minecraft Dungeons DLC

The leak was posted on Reddit by user zozozrobv2. It shows apparent screens of two seemingly incoming Minecraft Dungeons DLC additions.

One of the ‘screens’ appears to show two new logos for the DLC.

Minecraft Dungeons DLC
NEW DLC? If this is true, we could see some new dungeons set to arrive

Creeping Winter

Minecraft Dungeons DLC
FREEZING: The apparent new world certainly gives us the chills

One of the ‘DLC’s’ is reportedly named ‘Creeping Winter’. As the screen shows, it looks like it is set in a colder world, which may extend to the types of enemies you could encounter – if it’s real that is.

Jungle Awakens

Minecraft Dungeons DLC 1 1
JUNGLE BOOGIE: This world seems like the polar opposite of ‘Creeping Winter’

This apparent DLC, Jungle Awakens, appears to be set in a more tropical climate. We can also see a character that looks almost overgrown with plants, which could be a new type of enemy.

We imagine that tactics may have to change to adapt to these new foes, if the rumours are accurate.

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Release Date?

While there’s no official announcement of this DLC. We do know that Minecraft Dungeons will be getting DLC in the future however.

We’ll have to wait to find out if these are real, but be sure to check back in for all the latest on the story as it evolves.

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Ramzi Musa