Minecraft Dungeons Mobs: What mobs are there? New mobs, bosses, arch-illager, redstone monstrosity & more

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We are closing in on the Minecraft Dungeons release date.

The all-new adventure game is like no Minecraft you've ever seen.


Taken away from the sandbox world, but retaining the imagery and feel of the Minecraft Universe, Dungeons is Mojang's take on the classic dungeon crawler game.

With all-kinds of new content, we know there will be plenty of new mobs to both help and hinder your quest.

What can you expect to run into in Minecraft Dungeons?

Classic mobs

minecraft dungeons pre order

YOU AGAIN! There are plenty of familiar enemies to battle

Plenty of familiar Minecraft characters will populate the world of Minecraft Dungeons.


We know there will be zombies, skeleton archers, spiders, and of course creepers in our new adventure.

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There will also be those pesky evoker, vindicator, and enchanter mobs that can deal serious damage and will need more than a bit of thought to defeat.

Oh, and don't forget mobs like bats, witches, endermen, and slime!

There will be some friendly mobs too like wolves and iron golems that can be your companions on your journey.

New mobs in Minecraft Dungeons

minecraft dungeons redstone monstrosity

HEY THERE TOUGH GUY: There are plenty of new mobs

There are a lot of new mobs in Minecraft Dungeons.

Some, like the skeleton vanguards are adaptations of old mobs. These ones carry new shields and glaives with which to attack.

The wraith will be encountered in the desert and wooded areas and could make its way to the base game as a new night-time mob.

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Necromancers will be a pain to deal with. Using a ranged attack of blue light to directly cause damage, they can also summon mobs to attack!

There are also several redstone versions of common mobs. The redstone cube and redstone golem are bound to be enemy mobs, while the redstone monstrosity (pictured above) will be one tough mob!


Key Golem

key golem minecraft dungeons

SLEEPY: That's one tired key

The Key Golem will be a crucial mob for you to use.

It will unlock doors and passages for you, but will also run away from you if it spots you coming!

Bosses in Minecraft Dungeons

nameless one minecraft dungeons

SPOOKY: Get ready for a boss fight!

There are a couple of bosses that we already know about.

The eerily named Nameless One looks set to be a very tricky enemy. He commands necromancers and has a green staff to go along with his skeleton look.

Then of course, there is the biggest boss of all...


arch illager minecraft dungeons

YOU DON'T SCARE ME: The Arch-Illager will be stronger than he looks


The main antagonist of Minecraft: Dungeons is the Arch-Illager.

He doesn't look like much, but with the Orb of Dominance he will be extremely powerful and difficult to defeat!