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Minecraft Dungeons: How to beat mobs

Mobs in Minecraft fight in a variety of ways, which means beating them takes strategy. Whether it's keeping your distance from a creeper, or staying out of line of sight with a skeleton, there's some thought behind surviving the creatures of the night.

This will be expanded heavily in Minecraft Dungeons, where players will fight more mobs than ever.

Let's go over how to beat mobs in Minecraft Dungeons.

The mobs in Minecraft Dungeons

minecraft dungeons bosses
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BEWARE- The redstone monstrosity will wreak havoc on unsuspecting foes

Minecraft Dungeons is looking to revolutionize Minecraft inside an all new genre with all new gameplay. But despite all the new, there is still plenty of the old.


Mobs in Minecraft Dungeons will all work for the Arch-Illager. That means most of the enemies will be villagers with evil intentions. But that doesn't mean that's all of the enemies.

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From what we've seen so far in Minecraft Dungeons, enemy mobs will include villagers, creepers, spiders, redstone golems, skeletons, zombies, evokers, enchanters, vindicators, enchanters, redstone monstrosities, wraiths, husks, and even more.

That's quite a list of different mobs to strategize against, which means beating mobs will present a big challenge.

How to beat mobs in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Battle scenes
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DON'T PANIC- Staying calm will be half the battle in Minecraft Dungeons


To defeat this long list of enemies in Minecraft Dungeons, players will have to be smart approaching fights. And maybe even how they approach their party composition.

Too many warriors will mean that enemies like creepers and evokers will be a huge challenge. This is because of the massive AOE damage they do around themselves.

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Too many mages will mean that enemies like vindicators and redstone golems will be a huge challenge. This is because of the powerful melee damage they can deal and endurance they have.

And too many rangers will mean that enemies like spiders and chicken jockeys will be a huge challenge. This is because of the evasive movement and gap-closing potential they possess.

While no one should have to min/max their party composition to succeed in Minecraft Dungeons, your team will play a big role.

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Along with diversifying classes, parties should also diversify weaponry to have the right answers to so many different problems. A slow two-handed melee weapon will be great for dealing massive damage to massive enemies, but will be unwieldy in packs of smaller enemies where faster weapons would excel.

Finding the right balance for you and your party will be a lot of the challenge in Minecraft Dungeons. It will also be key to beating mobs of all kinds.