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Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon secrets: Locations, guide & more

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Minecraft Dungeons has included a bit of a treasure hunt for players to figure out with secrets and runes hidden in every location.

While the journey to find these secrets can be fun, it can be a long and confusing one.

In order to skip this, here's where to find the Cacti Canyon secrets, and how to use them.

Navigating Cacti Canyon

Cacti Canyon is a beautiful location in Minecraft Dungeons. But with plenty of precarious edges and mobs around every corner, it's dangerous if you're unprepared.

To best navigate Cacti Canyon to be able to find its secrets, some artifacts can help. This includes the Light Feather which allows players to roll, and the Boots of Swiftness for a speed boost.

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Cacti Canyon secrets

Secret # 1

Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon secret location 1
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ONE DOWN- The first secret in Cacti Canyon can be found on this stone structure, it is in the upper right of the middle section on the map

To find the first secret on Cacti Canyon you'll need to go to the upper right of the middle section of the map, just before the long narrow passage. Once you reach the above stone structure, you can press on the top block.

After you hit the block, simply move just a bit north to where some land is standing in the middle of the canyon on its own. If you can make it over to this bit of land, easiest to do with a Light Feather artifact to roll, you will run into a chest.

The chest will electrocute you on contact, but you will then be able to see it and access it. Be careful, though, because items will fall off the edge very easily.

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Secret #2

Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon secret rune entrance 1
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THE FINAL SECRET- Thankfully this secret is connected to the secret rune location on Cacti Canyon

The second secret involves going to where you'll find Cacti Canyon's secret rune.

You'll press the button next to this pool of water, go to the open stone area to the north, grab the blue key in front of the door, and enter it. Once you enter, you'll hear the sound that lets you know you've found the secret.

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Chests on Cacti Canyon

While there are indeed chests that can spawn on Cacti Canyon, spawn locations (and map layout) will randomize each playthrough.

That means you could end up with anywhere from 1 to 4 chests spread across many different potential locations.

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