Minecraft Dungeons: Best Armour Guide - Scale Mail, Hunter, Wolf, Highland & Unique Armour

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Minecraft Dungeons is set to introduce the blockbuster franchise to a new direction, with an RPG experience centred around fighting mobs and grinding for gear.

That means that there are piles of loot, gear, and weapons, and plenty of monsters to slay.

Naturally, you're going to need the right tools at your disposal.

Here's our guide for the best armour we've found in Minecraft Dungeons, including the types of gameplay and enchantments they support.

Scale Mail

Scale Mail is a melee character's best friend since it boosts melee damage, damage reduction, and health.

scale mail minecraft
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VERSATILE: Switch it up with more aggressive abilities to form more of a berserker-style of play

You'll want to use this when you get up close and personal with your enemies.

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When used in combination with defensive enchantments, this could prove to be very overpowered.

Wolf Armour

The Wolf Armor appears to be oriented around support-style play.

wolf armour minecraft
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SUPPORT: This option is stacked with weapon enchants and abilities that spread bonuses to your friends

It creates a weapon damage boost for your allies and lets your health potions heal them too.

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If you wanted to make a character that This would be a great choice if you wanted to create a character that supports allies in melee range.

Hunter's Armour

The Hunter's Armour is most definitely fitted around archery playstyles, with a leather-style design complete with a belt and animal fur neckline.

hunters armour minecraft
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QUANTITY: We've found that the armour works with a wide array of enchants, like Electrified, Surprise Gift, Thorns and more.

This armour boosts the number of arrows you can collect, as well as your health and your ranged damage.

This last aspect makes it a great option to use with a bow, alongside talents that boost your ranged attacks.


Unique Highland Armour

This highly-versatile armour set brings several advantages to the player.

highland armour minecraft
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UNIQUE: The wearer of this armour receives a 35% drop for incoming damage and a 30% increase in melee damage dealt.

The main benefit is a speed boost after every dodge which lasts a few seconds.

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This, like the Scale Mail, seems oriented around melee play since it provides a damage bonus and a speed boost for tearing through mobs in rapid succession.

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