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*UPDATED* Minecraft: Dream's World Record Speedruns Determined Illegitimate by Minecraft Speedrunning Team - Dream Response Video, Accusations, Research Data, Leaderboards & more

Dream is a famous Minecraft Youtube content creator who has been a consistent figure in the game's speedrunning scene. But after research has been done around Dream's massive results in the World Record hunt over 11 streams, questions of their legitimacy have been raised.

As a result, these runs have been removed from the Minecraft speedrunning leaderboards.

Latest News - Dream Speaks on Allegations in Response Video

Since the accusations have gone public, Dream has responded several times on Twitter. Now he has made a full-length response video.

Minecraft Dream Speedrun Cheating Response Video Allegations
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TWO SIDES: Dream maintains his innocence in the situation, and is making a response video to the allegations

You can watch Dream's response to the cheating allegations in full below:

Dream's Minecraft World Record Runs

Dream captured several World Record challenging speedruns over the course of 11 different streams.

Minecraft speedrunning Dream world record run fake
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CRITIQUE: Dream's runs have come under serious critique from the scene for months

Dream's results during these streams were very fortuitous, so lucky in fact that the Minecraft Speedrunning Team investigated them after another Minecraft speedrunner called them into question.

This luck is concentrated across two different areas that are typically massive challenges for Minecraft speedrunning today.

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These areas include Hoglin trading, and Blaze Rod drop rates.

The Problem

Dream's Minecraft speedruns were at face value lucky during his 11 streams - but it's upon a closer look and after two months of research that these runs have been called into question entirely.

Minecraft speedrunning fake resarch paper report
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CHARGE FORWARD: Minecraft Speedrunners need every second to compete

The Minecraft Speedrunning Team have published the following results to showcase Dream's supposed luck during these speedruns, and calculated them for reasonable likelihood using statistical models and more.

The Research

The research done by the Minecraft Speedrunning Team, published in a Youtube video as well as a 29-page research report, indicate that Dream's speedruns are simply too abnormal to be considered legitimate.

Minecraft Dream Speedruns Legitimate Research World Record Leaderboards Piglin Trading Bartering
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UNPARALLELED: Dream's luck even just in the Piglin bartering sections of his speedruns are without equal

The 29-page report can be found here, and the Youtube video, released through the Geosquare Youtube channel, can be watched below.

In these reports, the team determines that the statistical unlikelihood of Dream's runs are at such an alarming rate that the runs can only be considered illegitimate.

So how has this been determined?

Minecraft Dream Speedrun Blaze Rod Drop Rate
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ANOTHER ONE: Dream's unmatched RNG didn't stop at Piglin bartering

The research report posted to suggests that Dream's runs can be ruled beyond a reasonable doubt to be disingenuous due to several statistical aspects. This includes putting in the likelihoods of Dream's speedrun events through binomial distribution, the Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) and more.

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By combining the likelihood of Dream's luck in Piglin bartering as well as his luck in Blaze Rod drop rates, these calculations determines the probability of Dream's runs.


According to the Minecraft Speedrunning Team's research, Dream's luck with Piglin bartering combined with his luck in Blaze Rod drop rates comes to 1 in 7,500,000,000,000 odds.

Minecraft Dream Fake Speedrun Mod Luck RNG Research
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THE VERDICT: The Minecraft Speedrunning Team concludes Dream's run have to be the result of a modified game

In the end, they conclude that "The only sensible conclusion that can be drawn after this analysis is that Dream's game was modified in order to manipulate pearl barter and rod drop rates."

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As a result, Dream's runs have been removed from the Minecraft speedrunning leaderboards.

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