Minecraft Cliffs & Caves Update 1.17: Telescope, How to make it, What it does, and more!

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Minecraft Live successfully got us all ready and excited for Update 1.17, Cliffs & Caves.

As well as a host of new gameplay features, Update 1.17 brings new items, blocks and mobs to the Minecraft world we’ve all grown up to love.


One of these new items is the telescope, let’s take a closer look at it now!

What does a telescope do?

A telescope acts exactly the way you’d expect, enabling players to see a greater distance.

Minecraft 1 17 telescope in hand

LAND AHOY: The telescope let's you live out your wildest pirate fantasies

Similar to the zoom feature already in Minecraft, players will control the telescope with their mouse, which will appear on the screen as a circular image.

Whilst the item does block out half the screen due to the zoomed in nature, players can now see incredible distances.

How to make one

Whilst no official recipe is out yet, we can use previous items to estimate its construction.


It was confirmed in the Minecraft Live event that the Telescope uses Amethyst shards and copper to be created.

Minecraft 1 17 Telescope

TARGET SPOTTED: The telescope's zoom appears as a circle on-screen

We know the materials needed, so all that remains is for a recipe to be released!


When will I be able to make one?

Mojang has projected a Summer 2021 release for their latest 1.17 Cliffs and Caves Update.

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Given the arrival of the Nether Update on time, we are sure that the team will achieve the same success. Whilst COVID restrictions will likely still be in place, we don’t see this impacting the release.