Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update – Goats: Where to find them, Tips & Tricks & More

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At the recent Minecraft Live event, it was finally revealed that Mojang will be adding goats as the latest mob in the 1.17.0 Caves and Cliffs Update.

Initially voted for during MineCon 2019, the goat was chosen by yourselves to be added to the Mountains Biome.


But let’s take a closer look at the mob, potentially the Greatest Of All Time…?

The Latest furry friend in Minecraft

As a fan vote, it comes as no surprise that Mojang has finally added the goat to Minecraft.

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The mob has been added as a native to Mojang's Mountain biome.

minecraft mountain

HIGH ALTITUDE: Goats will be found in the Mountain Biome

But what will characterize our mountain dwelling friends in the new update?


How will the goat behave?

Goats will start with neutral behaviour. However, they won’t hesitate to push players and other mobs that they don’t like off of their mountain home!

TIP: Make sure to gear up with Netherite armour as this reduces the knockback effect of the new mob!

In addition, this ramming ability will have the power to push mobs/players a long distance. We recommend that you come equipped for a fall; elytra anyone?

Minecraft Goat

FIRST GLIMPSE: Take a first look at the goats ramming capability

Finally, goats will be able to jump incredibly high in the air, so we imagine the new mob will be a tricky one to catch for all you XP hunters out there.

The 1.17 release date

‘But when will be able to find goats in game?’ we hear you cry!


Mojang has already forecast a release date of Summer 2021.

Despite the implications caused by coronavirus, the recent confirmation of the release window as Summer 2021 gives us confidence that the update will arrive on time.