When Does Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Release?

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Minecraft just got a lot bigger. Caves & Cliffs part one has just arrived and with it comes tonnes of new blocks, mobs and lots more.

Here's what you should know about the release.


Latest - Caves & Cliffs Part One Just Released

It has just arrived and you can get in there right now. If you don't see it just yet, give it a few minutes and you should be able to download it.

Getting the update out in time for E3 is a good move as it allows people to digest the latest update for a while before all the big new updates come out.


New Caves & Cliff Special

The team over at Minecraft have given us even more to look forward to as they elaborate on some of the mobs you can see in the update.

The Pre-release

After a multitude of snapshots, the last snapshot release was cancelled. Citing an unexpected problem, the pre-release came out unexpectedly.


This was reported by Twitter user SlicedLime, who is the tech lead for Minecraft Java. This is a reliable source and wouldn't go up if they weren't sure.

What Does This Mean?

Pre-releases essentially work like a beta test to an upcoming update. In this case, that update is Caves and Cliffs. This means the team were confident in what they had.


Everything that needs to be added to the game has already been updated and the base update is already ready

Release Time

The newest update has already arrived across the world and you can jump in right now. Make sure to back up your old saves and set some time aside to really get in there.