What time will the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update launch?

Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update is almost here and is set to be one of the biggest patches that we've seen in a long time, with many new blocks and other features coming to the game.

We know what day it is set to release, but what time can we finally play the new update?

Caves & Cliffs Release Date

It has been confirmed that the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update will go live on Tuesday, June 8th on both Bedrock and Java versions of the game.

Release Time

Over on Twitter, SlicedLime, the tech lead for Minecraft Java tends to update people on new pre-releases and he tends to do so around 4-8 pm BST so we might see the official release around the same time.

New Content

There will be plenty of new content coming in the first Caves & Cliffe updating including new biomes which include lush caves filled with life, and dripstone caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

There are plenty of new mobs coming too. The terrifying Warden is coming to the deepest, darkest caves.

Along with that monstrous mob come more friendly ones! Axolotls will be added to the water, while goats are coming to the Overworld on the new mountains!

A new form of mining will arrive with the Caves & Cliffs Update that sees players carefully excavate rare and fragile artefacts by brushing away debris rather than whacking things with a pickaxe.

In addition to those, we can also expect to see,

New ores

Search for the new copper ore or gorgeous Amethyst crystal geodes that can be mined for new crafting materials. With the Caves & Cliffs Update, there are going to be a ton of new blocks and crafting recipes including sculk sensors to detect movement, telescopes, lightning rods, leaf platforms, and a whole lot more.

Redstone additions

The new sculk block will sense movement and send out a Redstone signal. Kind of like a motion sensor.

This new feature will be amazing in the hands of expert Redstone engineers as it plays like wireless Redstone!


Growing from an unobtainable block, these crystals are not only very pretty, but they are useful too! Key in a new recipe, you'll have to find them and then build around them.

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From the crystals you get shards that can be used to craft a telescope!!

To build it you'll need copper! That's right a new ore is finally coming to Minecraft. Copper blocks will turn green with age too, just like real life. This adds a sense of time to your world.


Limited inventory has always been a problem for Minecraft, and as more blocks get added players have been struggling with carrying items.

The Bundle will fix that. You can put multiple types of things into one Bundle, and full stacks of items too. That means you can carry just one Bundle and hold 64 cobblestone, 64 iron ingots, and some flowers in just one inventory slot!

Archaeology system

You've come across broken Nether portals, but now there are old archaeology dig sites!

With a hut and brushes, you can move aside parts of blocks to find hidden artefacts from the past.

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