Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Pre-release 2 Patch Notes

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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs is a truly huge update coming to the game over the next year. Luckily, the first part is almost here.

If you want to get there early and experience what it has to show, here's what has changed in the latest pre-release.

How to Access 1.17 Pre-release 2

To get the pre-release, you need Minecraft Java edition. From here, open up the launcher and go into the installations tab.


Once you've gone into there, you simply have to enable snapshots from that menu and it should sort itself out. Give it time and it will update the system.

Make sure to keep your worlds on a different save first as there's always the potential that the latest update could break your world in some way.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Pre-release 2 Patch Notes

With the latest pre-release comes a bunch of new updates and, most importantly, new bug fixes. Here's every patch note in the latest update

  • MC-68129 - Smooth lighting doesn’t work properly underwater
  • MC-196298 - Arrows fired into the side of bamboo or pointed dripstone never despawn
  • MC-205840 - Smooth lighting behaves oddly on blocks covered with tinted glass
  • MC-213767 - Flowering azalea leaves ID is unintuitive
  • MC-220698 - The ExplosionPower of ghast fireballs is uncapped, causing a freeze / crash
  • MC-223602 - Glowing translucent entities often don’t merge their outlines with other glowing entities
  • MC-225190 - Tnt can be pushed with enchanted sword with knockback
  • MC-225911 - Slimes and Magma Cubes not interacting with player
  • MC-226470 - Nether Fossils generate on the nether roof above bedrock in soul sand valleys
  • MC-226561 - Facing away from signs with glowing text makes the text disappear or z-fight
  • MC-226576 - Unknown CPU on Debug menu.
  • MC-226782 - /debug start does not work as described