Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Pre-release: 1.18 update news teased for tomorrow

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Minecraft Caves and Cliffs was split into two central parts last year. This was a huge undertaking at the time and we're finally ready for the next part. Here's what you should know.

Latest - Caves and Cliffs Part Two releases next year

Minecraft 1.18 finally launches next week on November 30th.


You can currently play it for yourself right now via prereleases but, at this point, it may be worth waiting.

We finally have a release date

Minecraft 1.18 will finally launch worldwide on November 30th, just under two weeks from now.


If you can't wait to give it a go, you can play the second prerelease right now.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part Two Pre Release Teased

In a recent tweet from Slicedlime, the tech lead for Minecraft Java, they revealed there would be no snapshot this week. They then said they're "pre-paring something for tomorrow though..."


This is a pretty clear tease at the prereleasprerelease. e.

What is a Minecraft prerelease?

Prereleases essentially work as a beta of the full update. It lets a limited amount of players get in there and test it out for themselves. Then, you can report any bugs to the team so they can fix them in time.

If all goes well, this is a great sign of the state of the update and indicates it's likely no more than a few weeks away from its official release. Of course, if some drastic bug happens, it may get delayed.


How can I download the prerelease?

To download the prerelease, you need a copy of the Java edition of the game. From here, go into setting and set prereleases to install. It should automatically get the game ready. Start up a world and play it for yourself.

Make sure to have a back up save, sometimes prereleases can be a little volatile.

Minecraft 1.18 release date

We can finally play the latest update for ourselves on November 30th.