Minecraft Best Skin Maker Sites: Skin DJ, Skin Craft and More!

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Minecraft quickly became one of the biggest games in the world with its addictive gameplay and simple graphics.

The game is easy to pick up for everyone because of this
meaning it has a huge fan base.


Some of these fans are incredible artists. Not only can this
be seen in the amazing architecture throughout the game, but in the funky and
abstract skins created.

Table of Contents

Below, we’ve listed some of the best sites for creating your
own as well as finding other creators’ skins.

Skin DJ

Skin DJ uses a real-time 3D editor so you can get a full 360-degree look at the skin you’re creating.

altair minecraft skin editor

ASSASSINS CREED - Create or steal the iconic Ezio outfit from Skin DJ!

This website also allows you to export to a mobile device. The benefit of this means you can use the skin on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft.


You can also use the inbuilt ‘Stealer Mode’ to use other people’s skins that you see in the game.

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Overall, this is a great website if you're looking to create some simple skins. But this doesn’t allow you to layer different textures for a more detailed look.

Miners Need Cool Shoes

This website is a slightly more complex version of SeusCraft.

cool minecraft builds minecraft skin editor

AMAZING CREATIONS - Learn to build, and create some amazing!


So, if you’re family with that application, you’ll feel right at home with all the features of Miners Need Cool Shoes.

This application contains an RNG mode where you can randomly
create a skin and edit it from there. This can be a fun thing to do if you don’t
know where to start.

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You can also steal skins from Minecraft.net if you see someone with a cool skin that you don’t think you can create it.


SkinCraft is purely Browser based so has no download. This means you can get to design your character as soon as possible!

skin craft best skin creation websites minecraft

SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE - Use the amazing tools in SkinCraft to create some awesome characters from your favourite games!

It also uses a layer-based system to give the user much more
control over each section of their character.

This is similar to photoshop and makes it easy to layer clothes onto your character.

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Within SkinCraft, you can also download and share your own skins as well as borrow other people’s skins. This is a nice feature and adds to the community of Minecraft.