Minecraft 2020 Piglins: Behaviour, How to Trade, Crimson Forest, Nether, Hoglins & More

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The Nether update arrived on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Windows 10 and all the other confirmed platforms on 23 June.

New biomes, mobs and tools have arrived with the update, with an aim to encourage exploration!

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Continue below for everything we know about the human-esque mobs that you'll encounter in Nether; Piglins.


Piglin is a mob that can be found lingering throughout the Nether region.

piglins mc
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COME PREPARED: If you stumble across a Piglin unequipped you'll be in for a nasty surprise!


If the player is wearing any gold armor, the Piglin will not behave aggressively or attack.

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This could be because they wield gold-plated weapons of their own, and if they are not angered by the encounter, they will haggle with the player for gold.

Piglins will attack one of the essential life sources in Nether; hoglins.

Especially when hungry!

Piglins are afraid of anything related to soul fire, as well as zombified piglins.

Trade with Piglins

You’ll have to give the Piglin you wish to trade with a gold ingot, and in return, they will toss you a random item.

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ZOMBIFIED REMAINS: The only thing that can scare a piglin is the undead

Alternatively, you can drop just a drop gold ingots on the floor and a nearby Piglin will catch on.


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The best items you can get are ones that increase your speed when walking on Soul Sand, a type of block that slows you down.

However, these rewards are extremely rare so you shouldn't get your hopes up!

Crimson Forest

The Crimson Forest is home to much more than just piglins.

crimson forest minecraft
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EERIE: New creatures and mobs lurk in the Crimson Forest!


Hoglins and various other strange creatures tend to linger in one place, and that’s the crimson forest.

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The crimson forest is just one of three new biomes that have been introduced in the Nether Update, so it's time to get exploring!


Hoglins are the only hostile mob in Minecraft that can be bred, and one of the only ones that drop food for you to eat.

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WHEN HE WAS A YOUNG WARTHOG: Players will form a symbiotic relationship with the wild creatures


This makes them very valuable in the Nether, but it also means that they’re dangerous.

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