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Minecraft 2020 Mods: SkyFactory, dungeons, seasons, backpacks, & home furniture

Minecraft has been the ultimate sandbox game for years now, and thanks to community mods the possibilities are simply neverending.

While the new 1.16.0 update draws nearer, you don't have to wait for its release date to get some new content thanks to some quality mods that are out there right now.

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SkyFactory 4

To say this mod is a world-changer would be selling it short.

Start your Minecraft universe from a tree and a block of dirt floating in the sky with SkyFactory 4.

skyfactory 4 minecraft
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PLENTY TO DO: SkyFactory is a whole new way of playing Minecraft

From there you'll have to build out your world, create technology, and go adventuring in other dimensions!

Adventures and Dungeons

If you want to combine classic Minecraft and the new Minecraft Dungeons experience then this mod is for you.

minecraft mod dungeon adventure
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BE BRAVE: Sharpen your sword and go adventuring!

Go exploring in massive underground lairs! This mod is completely focused on adventuring and exploration, looting, and fighting.

Fight your way through the dungeons, improve your skills and gear, complete quests and conquer new undiscovered dangerous dimensions. 


If you love to go adventuring away from your base for extended periods, or just love to horde things incase you ever need them, then this mod is for you.

minecraft backpack
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EXTRA SPACE: We've all run out of room before

Unlike our last two it isn't a massive game-changing mod, but just a small quality of life upgrade.

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Use eight leather to craft a backpack, that then gives you extra storage space on your adventure, and is a safe spot to keep key items as it will stay with you if you die.


Seasons come, seasons go

Minecraft's relatively static weather can be something of an emersion breaker, especially when it comes to the lines between biomes.

That's where this mod comes in.

minecraft seasons
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TIME: Get even more immersed in Minecraft with this mod

The addition of seasons within your world will make leafs turn, crops grow faster and slower, and even cause snow and ice to appear where you would otherwise not see it.

Home improvement

So much careful planning goes into making your perfect Minecraft house, but interior decoration can often be a tricky thing.

minecraft decoration
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PERFECT: Build your own ideal home

Well, not any longer.

Now you can get furniture and decoration for your house! Many of these blocks can also be interacted with and aren't just for decoration.

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