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Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Beta Introduces New Features

Minecraft is quickly approaching 1.17, the Caves and Cliffs Update, and two new inclusions have made it to the beta to show it - Copper, and Lightning Rods.

These Caves and Cliffs features join a number of items from the update that players can test now via Minecraft betas and screenshots!

Let's go over the new Minecraft 1.17 beta inclusions and how to download them into your Minecraft world.

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Minecraft 1.17 Beta Introduces Copper, Lightning Rods

Minecraft 1.17 will change the game from the ground up, altering cave generation systems, introducing new resources, biomes, enemies, animals, and everything in-between.

While we've gotten a taste of Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs thanks to some features making it to beta stage already, two new features are now in the beta - Copper and Lightning Rods.

Minecraft Copper

Copper is the newest resource coming to Minecraft in 1.17.

Minecraft 1.17 Update Download Copper Lighting Rod Beta
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AGE: Copper shows its age and state after wearing down in Minecraft 1.17

This resource will be unlike any other, with the ability to decay in the open air and under weather.

It will also be used to craft many unique and exciting gadgets and items coming to Minecraft in the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update.

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Minecraft Lightning Rods

Lightning Rods in Minecraft will be a life saver, and it's only a matter of time before they'll be a staple in home builds after 1.17 Caves and Cliffs goes live.

Minecraft 1.17 beta download lightning rod copper
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NICE TRY: Lightning Rods will protect homes from taking damage

For now, though, Minecraft players will have to settle for trying out lightning rods in the 1.17 beta.

How to Download Minecraft 1.17 Beta

The Minecraft 1.17 beta is spread across a number of different saves, screenshots, and versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update Beta Download
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This can make things a bit tricky when trying out all of the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs features.

But for those with the determination to not wait for mid-2021 to see these new gameplay features, we've got answers.

For starters, you can download the new Minecraft 1.17 beta with Copper and Lightning Rods included here.

But if you're looking to try out other things like Powder Snow, Skulk Sensors, or seeing Mountain Goats and Axolotls, you can learn more about these versions of the Minecraft 1.17 beta here.