Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs features playable now in beta

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All Minecraft players have looked forward to the Minecraft 1.17 'Caves & Cliffs update' since it was announced at Minecraft Live, and it's only getting closer each day!

Players can get a taste of the upcoming update now, however, thanks to various snapshots and Minecraft 1.17 betas introducing some of the features ahead of time.


When the update launches good and proper it will have new blocks, new axolotl mobs, new goat animals, a terrifying new Warden enemy and much more.

But a release date is still some way off, so for now here's what's available currently in the beta and snapshots as we approach the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update.

Latest - Azalea Bushes Added in New Snapshot

A new Minecraft snapshot has added Azalea Bushes, Glow Berries and more for players to experience ahead of the massive 1.17 update.

You can read over everything coming with the massive new Minecraft snapshot here!

These will brighten up the world of Minecraft after Caves and Cliffs, as long as you're careful where you dig.

Minecraft 1.17 Beta Features

Minecraft 1.17 features will shake up the game as we know it, and you can try out some of these new features and additions to the game in beta stage.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Features Beta
DANGER: Minecraft 1.17 has plenty of new things lurking

So far, these are the features that Mojang have released to beta:

  • Mountain Goats
  • Axolotls
  • Powder Snow
  • Goat Horn
  • Dripstone Block
  • Skulk Sensor

So how can you try out these upcoming Minecraft 1.17 features?

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Minecract 1.17 Features - Beta and Screenshots

Unfortunately not all of these upcoming Caves and Cliffs features are in one spot, so if you want to try them out yourself, you'll need to go through a few phases.

The newest addition to this lineup is a Minecraft Bedrock beta that includes the Dripstone Block and Skulk Sensors. You can learn more about this beta here.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Skulk Sensor Warden
WATCH YOUR STEP: Skulk Sensors let nearby Wardens know your location

Along with this, you can also see the new Axolotls in action, a mob being added in Minecraft 1.17. This can be done via a new Minecraft Snapshot - 20W51A, which can be added directly to your Minecraft save. You can learn more about Minecraft Snapshot 20W51A here. Be warned however, snapshots can cause issues for your world, so only choose one you're willing to lose just in case.

Minecraft 1.17 Beta Features Axolotl
NOT FOR FISH TANKS: Axolotls are amazing in aquariums, but don't let them near your other fish!

The last step to trying out Minecraft 1.17 beta features now is an old Minecraft Bedrock beta, which allows players to see Mountain Goats and Powder Snow in action. You can learn more about this beta phase here.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Beta Features Mountain Goats Powder Snow
BEWARE: These cuddly creatures are quite dangerous on a mountain top in Minecraft

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