Minecraft 1.17 - Warden: Caves & Cliffs, What is it, where to find the Warden, release date & more

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Minecraft Live has come and gone. Mojang dropped a ton of info about Update 1.17, the Caves & Cliffs Update!

One of the biggest pieces of news was about a new, and very dangerous, mob... The Warden!


What is the Warden?

This new mob is truly terrifying, and one that only experienced and well-kitted out players should take on.

Warden minecraft caves cliffs update 1

CAVE MONSTER: You won't find the Warden near your farm thankfully!


This stunning and scary mob is not to be messed with lightly. He can basically one-shot you if you aren't wearing diamond armour, and will be tough to kill quickly.

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Thankfully, the Warden is only found in the deepest, darkest caves. Near the new sculk sensors, and it acts in the same way.

Warden behavior, attacks, & weaknesses

Thankfully, the Warden is blind. However, that doesn't mean it stumbles around and won't notice you. Like the sculk sensors it can feel movement and it hears well.


That means running around deep caves is now very dangerous!

minecraft the warden 2

NETHERITE IS NOTHING: The Warden will have no problem against any armour

It doesn't have a ranged attack, but like the Iron Golem its melee will deal serious damage.


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From images it looks like it will be three blocks tall, so perhaps retreating to a two-block gap will keep you safe.

It can also be distracted by noise. In the unveiling at Minecraft Live, we saw gameplay of it turning to where a snowball had hit the wall, so keeping some on you is now a must!

Update 1.17 release date

The Warden will arrive in your world with the 1.17 update, but when is that?


Mojang hasn't given us an exact release date yet, but they have quoted a window of Summer 2021.

Of course, that leaves a lot of space for covid-19 to play havoc with development, but they got the Nether Update out on time so that's a good sign.

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