How to play the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Beta?

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Minecraft 1.17 will be a huge moment in the series, reshaping many important gameplay features.

The update will include an entirely new cave generation system; hence why they've called it the 'Caves & Cliffs update'.


That's alongside new blocks, new axolotl mobs, new goat animals, the terrifying new Warden enemy and plenty more.

So it's understandable players are excited to hop into the Minecraft 1.17 beta.

But how do players get invites, and when does the beta start?

Minecraft 1.17 Beta

The Minecraft 1.17 beta will give players insight into the most significant Minecraft update since the Nether rework. Let's go over the finer details.

Minecraft 1 17 beta goats

Release Date

Minecraft 1.17 Beta is running now for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android on the Bedrock Edition!


Each phase of the beta will introduce different gameplay features, so you can expect plenty more after this first phase.

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While we don't have release dates yet on future phases, you can stay tuned with us to keep up to date as they come.


The Minecraft 1.17 beta is under an opt-in system. So how do players opt in?

Minecraft 1 17 beta essential information
BEFORE YOU START: Mojang offers this important information

For Windows players, you can opt in to the beta via the Xbox Insider Hub app.


Mojang have even put together a video to guide Windows players along this process, which you can watch below:

For Xbox One players, the process is quite similar. Simply use the Xbox Insider Hub app to opt in to the beta, and get to playing!

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For Android players, the process is a bit different. You'll have to opt in to the beta through the Minecraft Google Play Store page.


The Minecraft 1.17 beta will evolve over time through different phases, but for phase 1, only some of the upcoming gameplay features are present.


Phase 1 includes goats which are new to the game, and new powder snow mechanics.

Minecraft 1 17 beta goats on mountains 1
PERILOUS: Goats put themselves in danger as much as players

Goats present a funny challenge, as they bash into anything nearby them. This means if you choose the wrong footing, you could be sent flying from a mountain in short order.

Goats will also do the same to hostile mobs, though, which means they could theoretically offer protection from Creepers and the like.

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Powder snow adds a whole new feel to the weather conditions of Minecraft. Players can get lost in the snow, and it makes moving through snowy areas rightfully difficult.

Powder Snow Caves & Cliffs

We'll soon see if Mojang push any new testing onto the first phase of the beta before moving on to the second.