Minecraft 1.17.1 Prelease Is Live - What This Means

Minecraft is a truly huge game and it has only got larger over the last few months. Caves & Cliffs part one dropped just before E3 and that came with new mobs, blocks, and tonnes of new features.

Naturally enough, the game has to change drastically to accommodate the huge Caves & Cliffs part two later on this year. This what the prerelease does and why you should care about it.

Minecraft Prerelease 1.17.1

Over on Twitter, Tech Lead for Minecraft Java, SlicedLime, is great at providing information on the game for the future. He announced that the next prerelease was finally live.

This update is all about fixing bugs left over from Caves & Cliffs part one in time for the second part later this year. Here are the major changes

Patch Notes

Over on their blog, you can find all the latest patches but here's them all for you to read

  • Blue axolotls can now only be obtained through breeding
  • Non-screaming goats now have a rare chance to produce a screaming goat when bred
  • Status effects on goats now also apply when the goat is jumping or ramming
  • Raised the drop rate for copper ingots from Drowned to 11% + 2% per level of looting
  • Powder snow now fills cauldrons 2 times faster than before (still pretty slowly, though!)
  • Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Husks and Drowned will no longer pick up glow ink sacs

What Does This Mean?

This means the team are gearing up for the release of the next update and their polishing up the current update to do so. We should start hearing lots of news about part two over the coming months.

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