How to pre-download Minecraft Dungeons on Switch: Guide, Release Date, Price, Hero Edition and more

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The anticipation behind Minecraft Dungeons is building to new heights as the game is set to release later this month.

Available on multiple platforms, there's a ton of ways to experience the upcoming spin-off from the Minecraft Universe.

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Let's take a look at everything you need to know about pre-downloading on the Switch.


How to pre-download Minecraft Dungeons on Switch

Pre-downloading is a great way to get to play a game as quickly as possible.

Usually Nintendo Switch owners can go to the Nintendo eStore and download titles ahead of release.

A smaller download activates when the game officially releases, 'unlocking' the title to play, and it's a great feeling knowing it's there waiting for you to enjoy!

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Unfortunately for Switch owners, Minecraft Dungeons will only be available to pre-download on PC and Xbox.

Not to worry, as come 26 May 2020 the title will be available for Switch players, but how much could it cost?

How to pre-download Minecraft Dungeons on Switch
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TAKE IT FOR A SPIN: We're not far off getting our hands on the exciting upcoming title


Price on Switch

There is currently no official price listed for Minecraft Dungeons on the Nintendo Switch.

However, we expect the game to be released at the same price on Nintendo Switch as other platforms, meaning it will set you back £16.74 / $19.99 

While Switch players will get to enjoy the amazing features the console itself has to offer, they will not get access to the Hero Edition, which includes a few added features...

How to pre-download Minecraft Dungeons on Switch
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ARRIVING WITH A BANG: Fans have been eagerly awaiting the Minecraft spin-off


Hero Edition

The Hero Edition has a few awesome additions, but it's only available to Xbox and PC players.

Here's a look at what's included:

A Hero Cape - so you can take the dungeons with style and grace.

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Two player skins - variety is the spice of life!

Chicken pet - bring along a plucky sidekick for emotional and moral support, as you navigate the deadly dungeons!


Two DLC Packs (coming soon) - the great thing about this is that they will most likely become available to everyone in a matter of time.

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For everything else and more on the upcoming dungeon crawler title, and everything Nintendo Switch - be sure to check back in with us!