How to Get Netherite in Minecraft - What To Do With It

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In Minecraft, Netherite is one of the greatest resources there is, but it is also one of the hardest to find. With the latest update upon us and so much more to look forward to, it's probably time to take stock and build up a nice world for the drop of Caves & Cliffs part two.

Table of Contents

This means learning all the game's intricate systems and figuring out how it all works. If you're looking to find Netherite, this is what you need to know.

Finding Ancient Debris

Unlike most things in Minecraft, getting Netherite isn't an easy affair. To start, you have to get some Netherite Scraps. First, you need to find your coordinates. You can do this by activating them in the options menu on console or hitting F3 on PC. From here, go into the nether. You can find Ancient Debris down here but it's very hard to spot.


Try and make your way down as far as you can and start making your own mineshaft. Eventually, after searching for a while, you should come across some Ancient Debris. Collect this and make your way to the surface again.

Making Netherite

From here, the rest of the process is rather easy. Smelt that debris in a furnace to make Netherite Scraps. From here, you can simply add four of those scraps to four Golden Ingot and it will make a brand new Netherite Ingot.


What Can You Do With Netherite?

While you can power beacons or make Blocks of Netherite and Lodestones with them, the best thing to do with Netherite Ingots is make Netherite armour and tools.

To do this, simply put in a piece of Diamond armour or a Diamond tool and a Netherite Ingot in the smithing table to upgrade it. This will make your armour stronger and will even stop it burning up in lava, a great little perk.