Can I build stuff in Minecraft Dungeons? Gameplay, Co-op, and more

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The original Minecraft is known world-over for its endless possibilities to build and create. It would be understandable if the first question to enter fans' minds was indeed, "Can I build stuff in Minecraft Dungeons?"

We've seen some amazing and continued creativity with Minecraft, and the community as a whole has come out with some unbelievable feats. The next game to arrive on 26 May 2020, is a new take however.

Launching on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, the game is inspired by the dungeon crawler genre, however still very much a 'Minecraft game'.

But how much does it differ from the original? And will you be able to build stuff in Minecraft Dungeons too?

Let's take a closer look.

Can I build stuff in Minecraft Dungeons?

According to the official site, players will not be able to build in Minecraft Dungeons.

It reads that while it 'might not be able to place blocks or build a house made of’re still very much an adventurer exploring the Overworld.'

As the title suggests, Minecraft Dungeons focuses on a different element to the original Minecraft. It's not surprising that the ability to 'build stuff' is not present in the game.

Can I build stuff in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay
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BUILD YOUR HEROISM, NOT A HOUSE: 'building stuff' take a backseat to action in the upcoming adventure

Could we possibly be seeing this introduced in the future?

At the moment there's no official word, however the main draw of this game is the unique dungeon adventure take on the Minecraft Universe, so chances may be slim.

What can you build instead

One gameplay mechanic coming through to Minecraft Dungeons is customisation.

Now while we admit this isn't the same as painstakingly crafting a house with your bare hands, it does involve building your character with your own unique touch.

Minecraft Dungeons offers numerous ways to build your adventurer and interesting, the game has no classes.

Can I build stuff in Minecraft Dungeons campfire
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VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE! If just four players can look this different, imagine the endless ways to build out your own character

That means that that it's all down to the player to build their identity.

This goes for building your own play-style too. Minecraft Dungeons has a large array of weapons at your disposal. So many in fact, we put together a list of the best weapons for you!

It's your choice to how you build out your character's fighting style. Will you rely more heavily on ranged attacks and build more of an archer class?

Is diving head in to the action more your style? If so, you'll want to equip some serious armour and a weapon that you can get up close and personal with.

Can I build stuff in Minecraft Dungeons battle scenes
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I WANT IT ALL! Build your very own class and make the Minecraft Dungeons experience your own!

Or maybe you'd like to have the best of everything and build a class which has the ranged skill of an archer, with the armour of a tank! The choice is completely up to you!

Build your team

Minecraft Dungeons features 'couch co-op' and 'online co-op', so building your team is within reaching distance.

The gameplay footage showed some inventory management between squads, so it looks playing together goes beyond simply clearing rooms of hordes.


Rather, you'll get a chance to build a collective play-style and utilise each individuals approach for the good of the team!

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So, players might crave the ultimate freedom of being able to build to their heart's content - however Minecraft Dungeons is certainly set to make up for it in new and interesting ways.

For all the latest and more on Minecraft Dungeons, be sure to check back in with us.

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