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Just another fan of the gentleman's game with a quill and some ink, Abhay is a high school graduate who has spent a decade playing cricket on district and higher levels of the sport. Combining his passion for writing and playing led to him pursuing sports journalism as he prepares to major in Psychology.


India vs Sri Lanka: Day 2 Report

With two centurions at the crease, India resume batting on day 2 of the second Test against Sri Lanka at Colombo. Here is how the two teams fared throughout the...


India vs Sri Lanka: Day 1 Report

India and Sri Lanka meet for the second Test of the three match series at Colombo. Here's how the first day went for both teams.


The Case For A Women’s IPL

Given the recent surge in interest in women's cricket, many have called for a women's IPL, after stunning displays of cricket in the World Cup, an idea worth co...