Peyton Hillis surprises fans in Madden 22 teaser

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Madden 22 finally broke their silence and have opened the floodgates of excitement for the upcoming game, and that happened with a teaser trailer featuring none other than Peyton Hillis.

The retired star seemingly came out of nowhere to be in the video, so many are wondering why they chose to include Peyton Hillis in the Madden 22 teaser trailer.

Peyton Hillis stars in Madden 22 teaser trailer

EA Sports released a teaser trailer for Madden 22 yesterday, and few could've guessed it would feature two literal goats and Peyton Hillis.

The choice of having goats seems to be pointing to two "GOAT" tier players on the cover, which does line up with a potential leak about this year's cover athlete choices.

However, few expected to see retired NFL fullback and running back Peyton Hillis on a farm hanging out with those goats.

Hillis was initially drafted in 2008 by the Denver Broncos, but bounced around between five different teams before retiring in 2015.

Hillis is most known for his time with the Cleveland Browns, and after being traded to them in 2010 he won a nationwide vote to become the cover athlete for Madden 12.

Why was Peyton Hilllis in the Madden 22 teaser trailer?

This is the big question, and the reality is we may not know for sure until we see what Madden 22 news drops on June 17, 2021.

However, there are some clues, the big one being that Hillis is a former Madden cover athlete.

Madden 22 Peyton Hillis Cover Athlete Teaser Trailer
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MADDEN 12: Hillis won a national vote to be that year's cover athlete

There has been some speculation that Hillis being a former cover athlete could mean this year we see another former cover athlete be the face of Madden 22, which lines up with the supposed leak.

There's also the obvious, in which the whole thing is themed around goats and the one line he has in the trailer is "hey, it's Peyton. Yeah, they did it again."


The "it's Peyton" opener feels like a nod to retired NFL legend Peyton Manning, who never got the honor of gracing the cover of Madden 22 during his career.

His "they did it again" comment feels like more evidence of a repeat cover star, but even then we won't know for sure until it's made official.

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