Who has the highest OVR in the Madden 21 game?

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Whether it's grinding away on Madden Ultimate Team, or just simply wanted to pick a team with superstars - it all comes down to ratings in Madden 21.

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We look at who the highest-rated player is on this year's game.

Who has the highest rating in Madden 21?


According to the official Madden NFL 21 ratings, Aaron Donald is the highest-rated player on the game - with a 99 OVR.

However, with a number of players on 99, this looks to be have been sorted by alphabetical order.

There are in fact six players with a 99 rating - let's run through them.

Aaron Donald (OVR 99)

Defensive Tackles don't come much more impressive than Aaron Donald.

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99er - Hopkins' jersey number matches his rating

The LA Rams star is a 2x NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and has appeared in the Pro Bowl seven times.

The Right End's highest attributes on Madden 21 are his 99 strength, 99 awareness, 99 power moves and 99 play recognition.


Davante Adams (OVR 99)

With over 60 touchdowns to his name, Davante Adams is one of the finest Wide Receivers in the NFL.

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CONDUCTOR - Davante Adams takes the acclaim for the Packers faithful

The Green Bay Packer has appeared in the Pro Bowl four times and picked up the most receiving TDs in 2020.

On Madden 21 he has 99 catching, 99 short route running, 99 release, 98 medium route running, 98 spectacular catch and 98 awareness.


DeAndre Hopkins (OVR 99)

Another Wide Receiver, DeAndre Hopkins also has 60 touchdowns to his name.

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NUMBER 1 - Unfortunately for Hopkins, he has to share top spot with five others

Now with the Arizona Cardinals, Hopkins has appeared at the Pro Bowl five times - four of which came whilst he was with the Houston Texans.

In the game, he has 99 awareness, 99 catching, 99 jumping, 99 spectacular catching, 99 catch in traffic and 99 release.


Patrick Mahomes (OVR 99)

The star of the show.

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GOLDEN BOY - Mahomes is likely to the most popular player on Madden 21

Madden 20 Cover Star is the first on this list to have won the Super Bowl, doing so in 2019 whilst also being named the MVP.

The Kansas City Chiefs QB has 97 awareness, 97 throw power, 97 throw accuracy short, 97 throw on the run, 96 stamina, 96 toughness, 96 throw under pressure and 96 play action.


Stephon Gilmore (OVR 99)

Cornerback Stephon Gilmore is another man to lift the Super Bowl.

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MUSCLE MAN - There's no stopping Gilmore on Madden 21

The New England Patriots man did so in 2018, and was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year the very next year.

The former Buffalo Bill has 99 agility, 99 play recognition, 99 man coverage, 99 press and 96 stamina ratings.


Travis Kelce (OVR 99)

The final 99-rated player is Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce.

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KELCE IF YOU CAN - The KC man rarely fumbles

Kelce was a teammate of Mahomes when they "went to Disney World" in 2019, with the 31-year-old also making six Pro Bowl appearances.

Kelce has 98 awareness, 98 stamina, 96 catching, 93 spectacular catching, 92 jumping and 91 catch in traffic ratings.


But what about Madden 22?

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