25 Feb 2021 4:33 PM +00:00

Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Rising Stars & New LTDs out

With Madden 21 coming to the last bend of the race, we are seeing great players in every drop.

In recent weeks we have had the NFL Honors set, the team of the year set, and even the first-ever 99 OVR card.

Series 5 has started with more goodies.


LTD MUT 21 Set

These really are the best of the best, and are in very limited supply (as the name suggests).

From today we have two new additions to the set both 97 OVR;

Robby Anderson, WR - Panthers

Robby Anderson LTD Madden ultimate team 97 OVR card
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ROUTE MASTER: Elite route runner here


Some were surprised at Anderson getting this LTD WR card but he has shown some ability.

But this card is a monster.

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95 speed is an elite start, especially for someone of this size and frame. But this card is all about the route running, 97 short with 96 medium and deep is unstoppable.

Kyle Fuller, CB - Bears

Kyle Fuller LTD Madden ultimate team 97 OVR card
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MAN OR ZONE: This card will patrol any coverage


Elite WR needs Elite CB to stop them and Fuller is up to the task.

94 speed, 96 acc, and 93 agility will be able to keep up with the speedy types.

Meanwhile, 95 man cover and 97 zone cover means Fuller is in the right places at the right times.

95 jump with 96 press means he can keep up with the physical receivers too.

Rising Stars MUT 21 Set

LTD releases get a lot of attention but it's worth noting these are out today too.

These players are the future of the league and they now have 95 OVR cards to show for it;

  • Quinnen Williams, RE - Jets
  • Darnell Savage, FS - Packers
  • Devin Singletary, HB - Bills
  • Hayden Hurst, TE - Falcons
  • Sebastian Joseph-Day, DT - Rams

These cards are all live in MUT right now.

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