Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Flashback cards are now out

With the NFL season wrapped up for another year, we are getting to the business end of the MUT 21 season.

With Madden 21 coming to the last bend of the race, we are seeing great players from past and present each week.

In recent weeks we have had the NFL Honors set, the team of the year set, and even the first-ever 99 OVR card.

So these flashback cards are the cherry on top.


Flashbacks MUT 21 Set

Each year, the MUT world gets to relive some former glory by releasing some players from past seasons in which they outperformed.

Whether it's seeing a player wearing an old uniform, or getting the chance to get someone out of retirement - it's always nice to mix up the current players with ones from history.

There are 20 in the set in total, but these new five cards are right to the top of the pile;

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB - Patriots

Jimmy Garoppolo flashbacks Madden ultimate team 95 OVR card
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NEXT BRADY?: At one point the Patriots thought so


This field general QB card is incredibly flexible in approach.

86 acc with 89 throw on the run means you can use a west coast approach to QB, but the main strength is around pocket passing.

94 short acc, 92 medium and 93 deep along with 95 play action are stats that are in line with the best QBs in the game.

You might throw the opponent off guard when they see Garoppolo with these stats.

Justin Coleman, CB - Seahawks

Justin Coleman flashbacks Madden ultimate team 95 OVR card
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COVERAGE: This card will patrol the zone or man up

Adept at covering both zone and man, this is a versatile card you need to stop the big WRs in MUT.


93 speed, 94 acc, and agility will be able to keep up with the speedy types.

Meanwhile, 95 man cover and 94 zone cover means Coleman is in the right places at the right times.

93 jump with 88 pursuit means he can keep up with the physical receivers too.

Michael Pierce, DT - Ravens

Michael Pierce flashbacks Madden ultimate team 95 OVR card
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FORCE: Pierce causes havoc in the backfield

The heart of the 3-4 defense, this is a monster card at 360lbs.


93 strength with 92 power moves is a deadly combination.

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95 block shed, 94 tackle and 92 hit power are all massive stats for such a big DT. This is the kind of card you need to stop the run in MUT.

Blake Martinez, MLB - Packers

Blake Martinez flashbacks Madden ultimate team 95 OVR card
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RECENT STAR: Not too distant past for this Blake card


A tough run-stuffing MLB, Martinez is who you need if the opposition has a bruising runner like Derrick Henry.

93 block shed gets off the blocks and then 96 tackling and 95 pursuit will get the wrap-up tackle in open space. 93 hit power is also handy for forcing turnovers.

Duane Brown, LT - Texans

Duane Brown flashbacks Madden ultimate team 95 OVR card
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FLASHBACK: This is the oldest flashback from the new release


A monster in both rush and pass protection, this is one of the top OL cards in the game.

92 strength is the physical you need, but it's all about 94 run block and pass block.

Both finesse and power stats beneath that are elite, and he has 95 lead block and 94 impact block.

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