Madden 24 Adds The Worst Feature From NBA 2K24

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 Madden 24

It seems that EA Sports took a page out of the 2K book and added to Madden 24 one of the worst features in NBA 2K24. The addition of this feature will certainly leave the majority of the Madden community angry, upset, and disappointed.

The feature in question is the ability to purchase levels on the Season 1 & Competitive Field Pass. This is something that NBA 2K introduced this year in their Season Pass, and that fans of the franchise didn't particularly enjoy.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about this new feature.

Madden 24 becomes even more pay to win

Madden 24 decided it was a good idea to implement a new feature without any previous announcement. But when you take a look at what the feature is, you understand why Madden did so.

If Madden had announced this feature, the backlash from the community would have been gigantic. Don't get it wrong, fans will notice it and complain about it, but on a much smaller scale.

As mentioned above, this feature allows fans to purchase levels on the Season 1 & Competitive Field Pass, making it easier to unlock certain rewards. At the same time, it makes the game even more "pay-to-win", which is not something fans want.

Madden 24 field pass
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Despite the feature being very similar to the one NBA 2K24 implemented on their Season Pass, it has some differences. You can't buy every level of the Season 1 & Competitive Field Pass of Madden 24, only selected levels are available for purchase.

In NBA 2K24, fans can unlock the entire Season 1 Pass without playing a single game. So, it's not as bad as the NBA 2K24 Seasosn feature, but it's still a bad move by Madden.

Madden 24 is probably just testing the waters. But we wouldn't be surprised if players were able to buy all the levels of the Season 2 Pass.

AKA program


Speaking of new things coming to Madden 24, the AKA program is bringing some new cards to MUT. These cards possess some great attributes and X-factors. They are perfect if you want to upgrade your team.

Madden 24 P. Peterson
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If you want to learn everything about the AKA program, including all the new cards the program has recently introduced, check our guide here.

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