Madden 23 Ultimate Team Review: EA revamps MUT with better gameplay and items

Each year, players flock to MUT to build their lineup and take on other teams. Today we've completed our Madden 23 Ultimate Team review.

From the new gameplay mechanics to how to redeem sets and all of the positive changes in the game, we're going to give you our review.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team Review

After spending a significant amount of time in Madden 23 Ultimate Team during Early Access and at launch, I've come to realize that EA took an extra step to ensure competitive gameplay this year.

Gameplay has taken a significant step forward from Madden 22, which was focused on one-play touchdowns and finding the most meta way to play the game.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team review
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REALISTIC GAMEPLAY: A solid hit stick doesn't always mean a forced fumble

Emphasis on variety seems to have been a big focus and something we noticed while doing our Madden 23 Ultimate Team review. Sure, there are playbooks that many MCS players are using but you can find great plays anywhere.

Focusing more on creating a competitive edge and the one way they were able to reset the playing field was Free Form Passing and Placement.

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Free Form Passing revamps the game

If you watch any of the MCS series you'll see that even the best players in the game are adjusting to the new passing mechanic in MUT 23.

Even while doing our Madden 23 Ultimate Team review, we noticed how difficult it can be to master this. However, players that master it will have a leg up on the competition.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team Review
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FREE FORM: Using this feature will separate you from the competition

We have a breakdown of how Free Form Passing works in MUT 23 but the important part is that it has the ability to help you dial in exactly where you want the ball.

Of all the new items this year, Free Form Passing was one of our favorite features to explore during our Madden 23 Ultimate Team review.

Completing Sets is much easier in MUT

One of the most notable complaints in Ultimate Team last year was how difficult it was to complete sets. This year the user interface is much easier.

During our Madden 23 Ultimate Team review, we decided to test out the Set Builder to see just how easy it was and we were impressed.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team review
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BUILDING SETS: EA took time to make the interface much easier to use

When compared to last year, we've noticed a significant upgrade in gameplay and the UI interface becomes seamless after spending time completing sets and exploring the MUT 23 Marketplace.

Overall, we're enjoying Madden 23 Ultimate Team so far. There's a significant learning curve with the new passing mechanics but it puts everyone on a level playing field, which is exactly what needed to happen this year.

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